30 Days of Photographs: Summer 2013

day 1. self portrait
July 1. Of course, I almost forgot to start the project today. . . a pre-dinner shot.

day 2. what you wore
July 2. Rainy day lounge-wear for the first part of the day, and civilian clothes for the "going-out-in-public" part of the day

day 3. clouds
July 3. This project very well could have been the "30 day photography of clouds" challenge, given the weather we've been having here in Vermont. After a super rainy day yesterday, today there was some sun while I was over in Middlebury for the day. Of course as soon as I started back over the mountains it began raining. Then stopped when I got into the MRV. Then started raining again. Then stopped. And now, of course, it is raining again as I type. I won't complain, we could be in a drought.

day 4 (27). celebration
July 4. I took the liberty of switching the "celebration" day to the 4th, what with it being Independence Day (here in the USA). A serendipitous decision as one of the parade participants was this gentleman, who is turning 102 on July 5. Now THAT is worth celebrating!

day 5. after dark
July 7. A second day (mostly) without rain. The evening was cool and perfect for reading on the deck.

day 6. obsession
July 8. Kind of obsessed with dove dark chocolates. They used to have pretty fantastic sayings in the wrappers. Now they're just okay, and a little bit cheesy.

day 7. changes to come
July 9. All the paperwork . . . all the waiting . . .

day 8. routine
July 10. Walkies. Nearly every day, often twice or more, Zoe and I go for a walk. Sometimes it's just to the end of the road and back, sometimes "the loop," sometimes a hike. Sometimes on leash, sometimes off. Sometimes it's 6:30 in the morning, sometimes it's 7pm in the dark in the winter. No matter what time of day, she gets excited when I put on my sneakers or boots, and especially when I pick up her leash, as if it's the only exciting thing to happen all day. During the school year we would go early enough that we would encounter the same cars heading to work each morning, and sometimes in the afternoon would see them returning.
Rain, shine, snow. Colorado, Maine, Vermont. She gets at least one good walk a day. It's only fair to her, and it gives me a chance to take in the amazingly beautiful places I've lived. And of course, when we get back, it's usually time for a meal and then THAT is the most exciting thing to happen all day.

day 9. someone you love
July 11. Dad & Mom :)

day 10. childhood memory
July 12. Mixed with rainbow sprinkles. My go-to creemee combo. It's not "a soft serve twist" - that's a dead giveaway that you're NOT from Vermont. Likewise if you order any fancy fruity flavors. Your only legitimate options are Vanilla, Chocolate, Mixed, and Maple. Period.
When I was young, up until 8th grade, my dad owned a small grocery store & deli in Middlebury. In the summer we had a creemee stand, along with Ben and Jerry's hard scoop and a Slush Puppy machine (none of that gas station slushie nonsense!). Creemees are still a summer thing, but are a definite childhood memory.

day 11. something blue
 July 14. The bluebird skies of Colorado - the first day of my little vacation to Colorful Colorado.

day 12 (13). cannot live without
 July 16. Another switch of days, based on what I was doing. Most evenings in CO were a bit cloudy to the west, and I was so busy doing things with my friends that remembering to take a sunset picture wasn't happening. But as I rode in the backseat of S's truck as we went over Independence Pass to Aspen and back, I thought about the fact that fun road trips, be it with family or friends, is something that I cannot live without. They may not happen all that frequently anymore, but no matter who I am with or where we are going, I am always up for the adventure of a road trip. Something about seeing an area I haven't been to, or revisiting a beloved place, watching the landscape fly by is a little therapeutic, and reminds me that there is so much more out there to see.

day 13 (12). sunrise [sunset]
July 19. Actually, this is a sunrise. I took a red eye back from CO, departing around 11:30 pm from Denver, and landing around 5 am the next day in Newark. It was only a three and a half hour flight, and I didn't get great sleep, although I may have accidently cuddled with a seatmate. Good thing it's sort of socially acceptable to cuddle with strangers on overnight flights. As I arrived at the gate of my next flight to await the 8:15 departure (which turned into a 10:30 departure!), the sun was just coming up over the city. It was a bit hazy from the heat wave the east coast has been in, but you can just make out NYC in the background.

day 14. eyes
July 22. Me & Zoe dog. It took a few tries for her and she was thus rewarded for her patience.

day 15 (16). a good habit
July 25. "And you shouldn't neglect your gums"
(A twice-a-day, every day habit . . .)

day 16 (17). technology
July 27. An essential piece of technology when moving.

day 17 (18). your shoes
July 28. Slippers count as shoes, right? They are the most-worn pair of footwear I own. . .

day 18 (15). silhouette
July 30. Patient Zoe. I'm lucky she puts up with me!
(A one-and-done shot as she laid down as soon as I took it)

day 19 (4). something green
August 1. Hydrangea, in the midst of blooming.

day 20. in my bag
 August 2. Checkbook (I sewed the strawberry cover), random cards, yogurt & wine crackers for snack, cell phone (yes, it's a flip phone), wallet, photo challenge list, awesome CD from S in CO. And that's just the top layer.
While I'm pretty much living out of bags right now, this is my catch-all-go-everywhere bag. It has a shoulder strap, handles, hip belt, elastic on the front to hold a jacket or sweater, a small exterior pocket, a small interior pocket, and two side mesh water bottle pockets. It's hiked mountains, flown cross-country several times, and even biked across Salida with a six-pack of cans.
It's kind of perfect.

day 21. faceless self portrait
August 5. Contemplating the dogs as they await the ball being thrown.

day 22. inspirational
August 6. The energy and dedication of small, local farmers, day in and day out.
Beyond inspirational.

day 23. patterns

August 7. The fabric on a free-but-new-to-me loveseat. The picture my brother had sent me via text gave me the impression it was white or cream with blue and pink plaid. Clearly not - a much nicer palate. And very comfortable.

day 24. animal
 August 8. An entrant in the Sheep Tent at Field Days, the local county fair.
It was hard to pick just one - I nearly went with a collage of all of the animals I'd seen. Including the pink rooster.

day 25 (26). close up
August 9. Nearly the end of a long morning in the car - six hour drive plus hour and fifteen minutes on the ferry. We were almost to the island, and with the fog that shrouded the bay there wasn't much to watch out for. I can see the "are we there yet?" in her eyes. As soon as we approached the Reach, she did pop up to watch the outer islands as we glided by.
day 26 (25). strangers
August 10. Every summer on North Haven there is downtown street dance. By "downtown" I mean the one main street that runs by the few shops, the restaurant, the community center, and the ferry terminal. The island is even smaller than Vinalhaven, but they put on a good show. It's one of those unique events where the summer people in their boat shoes mingle with the islanders in their muck boots. A mirror of the harbor, with its lobster boats and summer yachts moored amonst each other.
The Toughcats, an island-local band (super-fun, danceable music) that plays on both N.H. and VH closed out the night. I love catching their shows, and hadn't seen one since the fall a few years ago - so glad I happened to be around this weekend!

day 27. flowers
 August 12. Down at the backshore, along the borderline of the rocks and shrubs, these flowers were tucked in and among the rocks. Don't have a guidebook with me, but will update when I've figured out what they are.

day 28. black & white
 August 12. Railing on the upper deck of the "big boat" while waiting for the ferry to pull out on the last day of my island getaway.
Came in with the fog last Friday, leaving with the fog on Tuesday. Such is coastal life.

day 29 (19). something you want
August 14. Someday I would like an Airstream, though maybe one half this size.
Not that I'm an RV kind of person - I'm more of a backpacker than a car-camper - but if I had to have one, it will be an Airstream.

day 30. self portrait
August 15. Slightly more freckled & tan, thanks to the trips to CO and ME. Ignore the fly-away hair but admire the nicely-mown lawn.

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