Saturday, December 17, 2016

House Project #10: The Bathroom

The smallest (almost) room in the house and it's taken me the longest to decide on paint colors. I don't love the current bathroom layout, but it's functional. I have a vision of what I'd do if I came into enough money to renovate it (this being enough money to take care of alllll of the other things that are priority over simply tidying up the space!), but that vision is unlikely to become a reality any time soon, so painting is the only option.
boooorrriiing renters white with stained wood cupboards
you can see the old electric water heater in the lower right;
it was never operational, so I had the electrician remove it

I had been going around and around on colors, every few months bringing home different paint chips inspired by bathrooms I'd seen online or in magazines. I initially got serious about picking colors last November when break crept up on me and I realized I had some impending student-free daylight hours. Of course I got distracted by other things and before I knew it, November break and Christmas break had come and gone. Fast-forward to the near-end of spring break (yes, this past April. . .) and I decided the time had come.
there was a piece of trim attached to the wall here for no
particular reason. and apparently the bathroom was light blue at one point
or maybe it was yellow?
I perused the paint corner at the local hardware and picked a few strips up. Just when I thought I had settled on something, I decided to take one last look at the mis-mix/return shelf. What luck! A super-cheap gallon of a color I actually liked! It's a teal-green, and I love it.

I also grabbed some grey paint for the trim. There is a household debate about whether the grey is more lavender then grey which brought the cupboard painting to a halt. And here it is December. And the cupboards are still the stained wood. Eventually I'll get them done, but probably not this winter - I don't like doing that big of a painting job without being able to open windows to lessen the smell of paint. I'm still partial to the grey, and since I have a whole gallon of it, I may as well use it. I can always paint over it, right? I plan to give the hardware the same treatment as the kitchen hardware - a little black matte spray paint and they will be good as new!
yay! new lights over the sink
and can we all take a moment to admire my kick-a** shower curtain?
best birthday gift :)
This fall I managed to get another aspect of the bathroom started - switching up the lighting. Previously the room had a single overhead light. Now there's a three-light fixture over the sink and an exhaust fan/light combo is in the works. I also had an old, non-working electric heater removed and over break in November replaced it with a cubby for the toilet paper.
there was measuring and cutting and assembling and not fitting.
then there was remeasuring and new cutting and new assembling and fitting.
Hopefully the fan will get installed sometime this winter (the unit I had wasn't working and a new one is on order), and in the spring I'll get the cupboards done. Eventually I'd like to replace the walk-in shower with a tub and redo the floor, which is currently linoleum squares glued to the slab foundation (well, most are still glued . . . ). All in good time, all in good time.

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