Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gifts for Little ones, Fall & Winter edition

Fall was a busy time for birthdays and birth days (I suppose it's that time of my life, when all the friends & coworkers are popping little ones out!), so here's a little round-up of five projects I managed to squeeze in between school obligations and house & yard chores. . . 

Small tote bag, with monogram, for the niece's 2nd birthday:
It was a big hit.
For a dear college friend:
Big brother hat, Little sister hat & leg warmers
And a grad school friend:
Carseat-sized blanket
This might be my new favorite project, and is an excellent way to use up
all those orphan balls of yarn from previous projects
Sometimes, an IOU is necessary if the intended recipient is due whilst other projects [see above] are still in progress . . .

But, you still get to see the finish product:
BIG steeler's fans!
And finally, a quick Christmas gift - a little friendly monster for the boyfriend's nephew:
Almost Syracuse colors (which pleased the parents)
I did manage to get some knitting and sewing done over break, as well, and here's hoping I can keep some projects on the needles and thread in the sewing machine as school picks back up and life gets crazy again 

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