Friday, July 31, 2015

Early July Blackberry Pie

I'm ashamed to admit that this blackberry pie is my first pie of the summer, back in early July.
Yes, you read that right. First pie. Of the summer. What the??? I guess this year has felt a lot busier for some reason, so I haven't been baking pies as often - a little embarrassing, considering my Year of the Pie several years ago! But I digress. Back to the pie at hand.

I based it off the Breitbach's Raspberry Pie recipe, from Ken Haedrich's Pie book (my bible from the year of the pie adventure), but went with three cups of blackberries in place of the raspberries, since I had several quarts my Uncle had picked. It was juicier than I wanted, even with the quick-cooking tapioca used as a thickener. I also used fresh berries, versus frozen, which may have made a difference, too. 
It was super tasty, which sort of makes-up for somehow missing rhubarb and strawberry season. However, I might not be too late for blueberry - there's a farm here in the valley that has U-pick, so I should get there soon. . . and there's always apple season, just around the corner!

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