Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Garden Update

Once spring hits full stride and starts the stretch into summer I find it hard to spend too much time inside. And now that school has ended for the year, I've jumped right in to my summer gardening gig, so of course I end up taking care of mine in the evenings and weekends.

I'll have some crafty updates soon, but for now, another tour of the gardens - it's been a busy month for all of the green things. The nice thing about the gardens is that most of the plants have come to me for free. Even today I was planting more hand-me-down's from Mom and moving around some Narcissus bulbs (SO many!).

We'll start with some of the flower beds, including a sneak-peak at the back bank shade bed and the very young orchard (two apple, two pear):

I got a bunch of cast-off Thyme and some seedum that I'm using to clean up the
bed to the left of the front stoop. The Thyme is still settling in. . . 

I did a hack job on the burning bush and could have at it again - it's a bit unruly.
Now that the soil underneath is accessible to more than just the cats, I've put
a bunch of Ladies Mantle. So far, they're all quite happy!
The back bank is kind of a mess. The last folks here dumped grass clippings
where bare ground is, instead of five yards behind in the dump pile. Go figure.
It's shady and damp, but gets some morning sun and a little bit in the afternoon,

Picture two apple trees to the center and left, and two pear to the right - you
might be able to make out the white posts holding the protective chicken wire
so they don't get mowed over. All of the trees are making upward progress so
I need to find taller fence to keep them safe from critters.
The pine tree hosta bed! I repurposed the fallen needles as mulch. They seem
to be happy with my choice!

Moonflower (to climb the left side) & Morning Glory (headed up the right side)
And the veggies!
Squash & Zuch's
Basil & Cilantro
Strawberries! Started about 3 years ago by my
Biology students who asked if we could "grow stuff."
Of course, by the end of the school year they'd lost
all interest so the plants came home - some went to
my mom, some to a friend also in the valley, and
most of the plants are still going strong!
Cukes & Nasturtium

Pole beans, Bush beans
Tomatoes, fronted by Marigolds
Phew, that's most of it! Check back for a crafting update (albeit short!) in another few days. . . or next week . . . or. . .

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