Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is it break yet?

Winter won't quit. . .

Three inches of new snow last night, though most of it will probably melt today. I really do love winter, and I've loved how "winter" it was this winter. Very Vermonty. But I have to admit I am ready for spring to make it's way to New England. Especially considering break (FINALLY) starts this weekend, and I have a spring cleaning list that's growing as fast as the sap has been flowing around here.

Two weeks off . . . part staycation, part vacation. I don't plan to even try to get this all done during the staycation portion of the break. I already have a day planned over in Middlebury to get a haircut and help mom at her house. Gwenny has her break the week we go back, so we'll probably use the weekends to work our way through the list.

And the vacation portion will be a semi-quick trip to the island. Catch up with friends, breathe in the ocean air, watch the waves, walk the rocks, read some books, refresh the soul.

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