Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another busy winter in the works

It's been a quiet month blog & crafting-wise, but definitely busy at school. This time of year we're in the thick of it, with races and camps going non-stop. We have a group in Europe for another few weeks, another was out west for a while just after the Christmas break, and everyone else is traveling weekly around the northeast and Canada, for day trips and longer race series. And, we have races here at school, or rather, over at Mt. Ellen, on the trail where the kids train. I'm on race crew, which means every time the school hosts a race at the mountain, I'm up helping with timing or acting as start or finish ref. We had a big week January 19-23, hosting 4 consecutive days of races (should have been 5, but the Monday races were postponed). It was a long week of long days: I was on the mountain by 7:30am each day (7am on Wednesday!) until 2 or so, then at school until 6pm. Kind of crazy, but I enjoy watching the kids race. And, this is a pretty great view for those mornings my office work requires a pre-opening chairlift ride:
Sunrise from the top timing shack at Inverness

Considering I work at a ski academy, I think it's important for the teachers to have an idea of what the students are doing when their not in the classroom or on campus. I'm happy to be a part of it, although there are race days I'd prefer I was on the trail with the Nordies instead of on the hill with the Alpiners.

Even knowing (for the most part!) when the students are out, it still makes prep and class time challenging. Teaching while constantly missing an ever-changing group of students requires flexibility and creativity. There is only so much I can send on the road, where the students may have limited academic time. Not to mention, everyone starts to get grumpy and cranky and stressed as the season progresses. And, without any break time this year until April (unlike a lot of public schools, which have holidays off or even a week of break in Feb, we are straight through this winter), it will make for an interesting March, that's for sure! But, we all signed up for this, and I do enjoying having my morning be my afternoon - I get more daylight to do "after school" things, like go for a ski, or run errands when stores are actually open.
first tracks on a Tuesday morning ski
Lest you be concerned I'm not taking enough time for crafting, I have been working on projects here and there: a wrap skirt for me, a hat for a friend, an almost-done scarf, a half-way done sweater, a someday-will-be-done hearth rug - I just need a few minutes to get a few of them posted. Maybe this weekend. . . after I go snowshoeing . . .
snowshoeing on the wknd

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