Sunday, November 30, 2014

House Project #7: Back Bedroom

I finished painting the back bedroom just before Thanksgiving. I was house sitting through the holiday, so could leave the place in a bit of shambles (sorry sister!). From the look of the living room last week, you'd have thought I was a hoarder. There was a bit of a path here and there, and boxes and tubs and furniture all over the place. Of course, looking into the two rooms getting painted showed they were nearly empty, negating any hoarding fears.
Here's the room when I moved in. Curtains are long gone, and the cover of the
baseboard heating unit has been straightened
I decided on an accent wall of the yellow, with the blue on the three other walls. These are the same colors from the front room - now the guest croffice, and my sister's room.
One curtain done, one to go
All of the artwork and pictures are piled on that table in the center - it will
get moved from the room
Find Zoe! The closet is bigger than in the other room, so I left a few things in
there for storage, like the christmas decorations

Until the painting was finished and new space assembled, the bedding was piled up in the other room, and the cats insisted on sleeping there:
Grumpy cats
 But now that the room is back in shape, they're seemingly happier.
Less grumpy cats
So far I'm loving the colors, and loving being in this back space. It's lighter in the morning, with an almost-east facing window (out to the screen porch), and darker in the evening. I still need to finish the second curtain and put up the paintings, photographs, and mirror, but all-in-all feels mostly done.

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