Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kitchen/Dinning Area Update

I have a minor obsession with vintage Pyrex and have slowly been acquiring random pieces over the years. I definitely use some of them, especially at the holidays or when going to potlucks, but quite a few have been tucked away in cupboards, unused and unseen. I love the patterns and have been debating adding a shelf to the kitchen/dinning area to display the pieces.

Earlier this summer I grabbed a board from the collection of wood left in my dad's barn. It's a 1 x 8, about 6 1/2 ft long. The brackets are 6 inches on the short side, 8 on the long side. The board was primed already, and I wanted it to match the rest of the space so I added a few coats of the cupboard and trim paint. The board was sitting in the garage for a few weeks until I finally got motivated Friday night and Saturday morning. On Friday night I initially hung the brackets too high, so Saturday morning I started over. A little measuring, leveling, and drilling, and the shelf is up!

hammer, screwdriver, brackets, drill, tape measure, level, studfinder.
what more do you need?
one level bracket
two level brackets
level shelf = success!
new shelf with the pyrex collection (a couple are in use on the table)
the art work was rehung about 4 inches higher on the wall
shelf from the living room
the collection up close
I'm also slowly making progress on the front door I got. I thought the project would be a bit easier than it is turning out to be. A friend was going to help troubleshoot, but now that I've taken off the existing hardware and started measuring things, it might be a bit out of my realm of (novice) expertise. I might just find a local carpenter/general contractor to do the work, and it turns out one of my neighbors does just such work - time to give him a call! In the meantime, I painted both sides gray; not that the red wasn't bright and cheery, it just doesn't go with my current color scheme!

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