Monday, June 23, 2014

The Veggie Garden Update & Flower Beds Tour

Nearly two weeks later, and the veggie garden is coming along. Almost everything is starting to come up, although I replanted some cuke seeds, added some pea and bean seeds, and the spinach. The cukes, peas, and beans are new seeds this year whereas the spinach are a few years old. One hill of beans are coming up and about half the peas are, so it's not a big deal if the other respective halves don't make it. I can always find greens at the Farmer's Market, so I'm not so worried about that seed stock, either. The carrot seeds seem to have migrated between the rows, so I might add more of that in the next few days, too. I've added some onions, leeks, a pot of mint (absconded from an out-of-control patch at a gardening job), and as of this weekend, sweet basil and nasturtium. I also put down burlap bags over the garden cloth, they were free, which beats buying wood chips! All-in-all, everything is pretty happy so far!

basil, carrots, beets (x2), greens, spinach (x2), chard, tomatoes

cuke hills, squash hills, zucchini hills, bean hills, peas on the side
WICKED happy strawberries!
mint, leeks, onions
The flower beds are also doing well - the back bed is getting there, and I've decided that the back bank should be home to fern and lupine. I have no interest in mowing it - it's steep and somewhat shade - and offered it as "hay" to one of my neighbors for his goats. That will be a long-term project (as if I don't have any others. . . ). The beds against the house were all established, as was the spirea in front, and one bed of perennials against the fence. Everything else I've added, either in the fall, or this spring.
the back bed; the bank is steeper than it appears. picture it a sea of ferns and lupine.
the "orchard" - two apple, two pear; they are heirloom grafts from a local guy.
we'll see how they fare over the next few years.
some day lilies, columbine, & other perennials along the house,
hosta's along the screen porch (and a short laundry line!)

trio of shrubs mom and I planted last fall, and a little chestnut tree start
miscellaneous bed of bulbs (so many bulbs!!) & ajuga absconded from a gardening job
raspberry & blackberry - birthday gift from the sister!

happy honeysuckle

the little rhodi came from costco this spring and happily bloomed several weeks ago
What I'm very excited about are the peonies in the front bed! The two doubles, the white and light pink, came with the house and are in full bloom. The bright pink singles were transplanted from my grandfather's old house and seem to be establishing themselves.
front bed of miscellany; a lot of perennials & bulbs, probably some weeds
super fragrant!

new snaps!
Oh, and in case you missed it, I scored a sweet vintage prom dress as this great vintage marketplace my mom and I found in Burlington last week. . . Now I need shoes. . . and a place to wear said outfit. . .
it was too good a fit to pass up, and the price was right.
I just wish I'd also bought the 1960's "Senior Prom" board game from another booth, too.
Happy summer!

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