Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sprucing Up the Walls. . .

not really wall-related, but I did wind the
yarn blanks that mom & I dyed in May.
future mittens?
Happy March! Winter is still hanging on around here - we got a little bit of snow today (fresh powder SB & MRG!), and it's supposed to be wicked cold tomorrow. I don't mind it - I'm a huge fan of winter and am always reluctant to see it go, so hopefully we have a few more weeks left!

I'm slowly chipping away at little house projects. I've been hanging photos, maps, posters, etc. that have been collecting over the years and have been unearthed in the unpacking process, sewing curtains, agonizing over what color to paint the living room half of the main space (which actually won't happen until April, I'm sure), setting up the guest room (now that the brief foray with a roommate is over), etc. Here's a little update on what's been done the past few months.

More Meg-made Wall Art!

A few years ago, when I was living on the island, a friend & local artist who specializes in printmaking held a winter "adult ed" course in his studio that was located above the old Engine house (which doubled as the vet office when they made their twice-monthly jaunts to the island). I took advantage of the course - it was a really great way to spend time during an island winter, and I came away with some cool prints. A few of them shall remain tucked away since their coolness is so, ahem, overwhelming, but a couple of others I've finally put on display. These two images are from the etching portion of the class, and are based on photos I had taken - one of the little yellow snails that were ALL OVER the island, and one of my Vintage Good Vibrations Huffy Cruiser bike - taken while I live in Durango.
cruiser bike & tiny snail
I had a frame but no mat - especially not one with the proper-sized openings. Since the etching prints are black & white, and the frame is wood, I wanted something to brighten the final piece up. I did have a sheet green & white hydrangea-covered paper that I bought a Paper Source store (in Cambridge, MA) that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. I debated using a page from one of my past-year wall-art calendars (also from Paper Source!), but there wasn't one that had a pattern that I thought fit with the size of the prints.
mat paper, frames, & prints
The final product has joined the front wall of friend & family art, although with the amount of light that wall gets, everything may need get re-homed so as to avoid fading!

Posters & More. . .

finally decided on a home for my "go outside & play" cross stitch!
it's vinalhaven! in the guest room!
[hint, hint, island friends]
sprucing up the walls of the backroom/man-cave

Window Treatments

I'm not in love with the curtains in my bedroom, but they've been serving their purpose for the time being. I made both sets to replace the dreadful 80's era track curtains that were on all of the when I moved in. Those are currently sitting in a garbage bag the backroom, waiting to get disposed of or recycled since I can't even think of who'd want them for actual use.
front window - yellow plaid/gingham
(and potential paint colors on the left side)
side window - pink flowers on olive
(and potential accent-wall color on the right side)
The above curtains will probably get swapped to the croffice when I make new curtains out of these fabrics:
curtains-to-be: turquoise w. the blue/white/olive
patterned fabric along the top 
I also played around with making insulated curtains. Or should I say curtain. One down, a few more to go - I'm sure they'll be ready for next winter! I used a quilted khaki-colored fabric, although it shrunk quite a bit after washing and justbarely fits the width of the window now. I used random other blue/green fabric as binding, since there wasn't enough width for proper seams. This one is tacked up with pushpins, but I plan to install a proper curtain rod eventually. 
insulated-ish curtain; several more to go!

Guest Room

For now I have a guest room that's separate from the guest croffice. I hope to rent it out (again) at some point, but for now, you should take advantage of coming to visit while it's still available!
purl-approved guest room.
great afternoon light!
This place is feeling more and more like home!

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