Friday, February 14, 2014

Fruity Wall Art

Remember Crafternoon in Driggs? While on a ski vacation to Driggs to visit some college friends, I went a little crazy with my friend K's watercolors and made a slew of fruit & veggie-themed cards. I've since used most of them (it was three years ago, after all . . . wait, THREE years? Eesh, time flies!), but had a few still in my card collection. This year I've (kind of) committed to slowly working my way through my stock of craft supplies, and so I decided to turn a few of the leftover cards into wall art with the help of an 8x10 canvas I also had on hand.

 A bit of snipping around each piece of fruit, some rubber cement to affix them to the canvas, a few layers of modge-podge so seal the deal, and voila, new wall art!

easiest craft. you have no excuse not to do this.
as gwenny says, "it looks like the very hungry caterpillar"
yes. yes it does.
This was so dang easy I'm afraid I might get the urge to do more quasi-collage-ing with other cards and paper scraps I have lying around. It would be a perfect snowy crafternoon activity. . .

L: housewarming gift from h.w. R: fruity wall art (aka, the very hungry caterpillar)
B: driftwood painting by grandad
Oh, and happy Valentine's Snowstorm! This was the noreaster we've been waiting for, and Mother Nature sure did deliver (or rather, is delivering - still snowing about 30 hours after it started).

19"+ in the yard,
at least 9" since getting plowed early this morning,
and still snowing at 5pm today!

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