Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crafted Exchange & Another Crafty Pay-it-forward

I love making/crafting things for other people, and as a crafty gift-giver, I also appreciate receiving crafted things from others. I bet Billy through some friends in town he was visiting earlier this winter and discovered he crochet's. I think we are kindred fiber-crafting spirits. Out at the bar one evening, he decided he really liked my argyle headband, and I decided I liked the bright pom-pomed hats that he's been making like crazy. So we decided on a craft exchange!

Billy got this:
a pirate's favorite piece of winter gear:
the arrrrrrgyle knit headband, in blue & light grey
And I got this:
me & T, sporting our Billy Edward's Hats
(she is a former HS soccer teammate
and we reconnected here in the MRV!)
close up!
I love handmade things!

And speaking of handmade things, the "pay it forward" status went around facebook again around the start of the year.
After a few years of seeing this go around, I've noticed that it's a lot like most New Years' resolutions - everyone gets all excited about it, but most people lose steam and the project fizzles out. I succeeded last year in the endeavor, so decided to give in another whirl. I think it helps that I want to included it in my blog, so I have some built in accountability. I like to think of it as a challenge for myself.

Five people commented in response and they'll be getting something from me at some point (actually, there was a sixth, so they might get something, too). You know who you are. Last year I was ambitious enough to get things done by March. . . this year it may be a little longer, although I'm pretty set on what I'm doing for each person.

Hopefully the craftiness does get paid forward by these folks (I don't know if it did last year) because everyone loves crafty surprises in the mail, and the USPS loves the business.

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