Sunday, January 19, 2014

Featured Post at New Dress A Day! And, a fun little wall-hanging

Almost famous!

Until this weekend I had pretty much forgotten that I'd submitted my summer sweatshirt re-size to Marisa over at new dress a day.

On Saturday I had an epic marathon day of parent conferences (28 in nine hours!), so needless to say I was feeling slightly overwhelmed and a bit beat by the time I got home around 5pm. Imagine my surprise and delight to open an email from Marisa saying that she had selected the sweatshirt re-size I had submitted to her in the summer to be featured on her blog on the 18th!
there I am!
Head on over and check it out, as well as her many other posts. Marisa started several years ago with a year of daily low-budget/no-budget dress transformations and now she's kind of a big deal. I'm excited and honored she picked my project. It's almost like I'm famous now, too.

And a five-minute craft (since that's all the spare time I seem to have these days!) . . . 

Things have been crazy busy with family stuff and school - this time of year is insane with students coming and going, it's amazing we make it through the winter in one piece! I did take five minutes (almost exactly) on Friday night when my sister invited me to dinner and crafting (full disclosure: I was the only one who crafted) and managed to whip this up:
we'll ignore the fact that those are downhill skis
and not tele or nordic skis.
It was the silk-screened image on a t-shirt that was a TJ Maxx score a number of years ago. The t-shirt was in the regular rotation for a while, then the night-shirt rotation until I realized I hadn't worn it in six months or so. I had set it aside in the "do something crafty with these" pile, and it sat there for another three or four months. I like the image & message (hence the acquisition in the first place!), so decided to give it a new life as a piece of wall art.

One 5 x 7 canvas from the craft-stash, a bit of trimming, some manual-stapling-gunning, and voila! A simple way to preserve those clever/otherwise-meaningful t-shirts that you're just not wearing anymore, but feel the need to hang onto.

I think this counts towards my goals/resolutions of both finishing projects AND using up craft materials. Go me!

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