Saturday, November 23, 2013

House Project #3: Reading Nook

This corner of the room is at the front of the house, to the left of the front door once you've entered. For the time being, the space is a combination of a reading area and the "mudroom." I wanted a space to hang coats and leave shoes without having to go all the way to the back room (and entering around the back of the house doesn't make a lot of sense right now), and a space for most of my books, a table with some plants, and an armchair from my granddad's house.
pre-move-in. note the lovely drapes, circa 198? and up for grabs to the lowest bidder
ready for painting, as supervised by zoe.
finished, minus the shelf which was installed later last night.
another shot of the space - gauge approved.
the quilted piece on the back of the chair is "cathedral windows" and
something I did while living on the island.
the table was made by dad, and the top is an old wide-board scrap he had.
the bookshelf is nearly packed, and contains most of my books. . . but not all!
the "mudroom" wall.
I may have done a happy dance when I realized that I had
hung the shelf successfully.
I went with a warm brown, and so far am loving it, which is a no-brainer since it's called maple syrup. I scored some blue drapes that just happened to go well with the wall color, and I covered the switch plate and outlet covers with blue fabric as well (read this post from last week to see how I did it). My sister was kind enough to come and help paint this space, which was a HUGE help. She was master of the walls, while I took on the trim. She only left a few drips on the trim (the baseboard heating units, actually), which are conveniently hidden by the bookshelf. She also helped me put up the "mudroom" shelf last night. I'll probably hire her again. And, by the way, you should totally hire me to put up shelves - I hit the studs AND secured the anchors spot on.
finally. the "mudroom" and reading nook are complete!

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