Friday, November 22, 2013

House Project #2: Laundry Room

The entire house is renter's white. At least, that's what I'm calling it. It's an ugly white, and one that seems to show EVERYTHING. And it has to go. So I slowly started to cover it up with much warmer and happier colors.

As the end of October neared, and I was running out of patience waiting for the closing, I decided I needed to paint something other than furniture. I had already decided on a color for the laundry room, and ended up getting the paint on sale. Of course, the paint chip I had was from a different company than the paint that was on sale, but I really love the color I ended up with.
the only "before" shot I think I have of this space.
non-descript and fairly blah. opposite the window is the
room-wide pantry cupboard!

to the left is the doorway into the kitchen.
the pegboard (with hooks!) was in place when I bought the house.
the window looks out onto the backyard and the wooded/swampy area.

corner cupboards, a second pegboard, and the door into
the mancave/backroom.
the pantry doors.
The photos don't show it too well (so you'll need to come visit!) but it's a warm and sunny orange, and the trim is a creamy off-white that I'm using throughout the living/dining/kitchen as well. This space is on the North side of the house, with not a ton of light, so the paint really brightened it up. And, the washer and dryer should arrive tomorrow!

Update - the washer & dryer are in!
yay! I can do laundry!
thanks mom & dad for letting me use yours periodically
over the last three months :)

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