Thursday, October 31, 2013

Furniture Facelift: Vintage Dresser

I scored this vintage dresser from the "indoor yard-sale" shop down on the main drag through town. I figured it would be more expensive, and drove by it several days before I decided to take the plunge. I anticipated needing to talk the guy down, but for $25, I decided it was a steal. And I lucked out - another person had looked at it earlier in the day but passed it over since she couldn't figure out how to get it home. Yet another reason I have a Subaru wagon - I can usually make things fit!
hello vintage dresser. welcome to your new home.
The dresser is about 30 inches tall, four feet wide, and 18 inches deep. The four top drawers are pretty shallow, but the bottom two are deeper. Not idea for clothes, but perfect for sewing and crafting supplies (of which I have plenty). The top is a sheet of Formica (or something like it), which will be easy to wipe down should the need arise. The drawers work well-enough considering they won't be opened on a regular basis. The piece itself is great, and totally fits the yard-sale-thrift-store-chic look I seem to be going for these days. I wasn't digging the white paint and gold hardware though, so I gave it a little face lift.
blah color. blah hardware.

ready to paint.

painted handles.
only missed a few undersides - but we're not too concerned.
The blue paint, Benjamin Moore Regal Select, I scored for $4/gallon. . . it pays to shop the paint return section and be willing to take a chance on the color. Luckily, I really like the color, and there is plenty left for future furniture, for trim (it's a semi-gloss), or maybe the ceiling on the screen porch? The hardware got a few coats of semi-gloss spray paint, which I'm also planning to use on all the kitchen & bathroom drawer-pulls when those rooms get done over. Together I think it's a really clean look.
fresh coat!
tucked into the corner, and stocked with supplies.
The dresser fits the sewing corner perfectly, which is the one part of the guest croffice that is organized - besides the filing cabinet corner. And, the legs are just tall enough so I can slide a bin of fabric and a bag of stuffing underneath.

Another successful project checked off!
Happy Halloween!
Sadly, only three trick-or-treaters. I expected many more since I'm in the only
'hood in town, but not surprised since I have a long, dark driveway!
Maybe next year.

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