Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Knitting Projects

I haven't done a ton of knitting this summer, but have been keeping busy with a few projects:

The string-of-lights is slowly growing. . . twenty-five lights are knit, five more are set up, and I have more than enough yarn to create more strand and lights. This will be done by Christmas for sure!
two yards and counting on the string of lights
(and a sneak-peak at the front porch and front yard)

A baby blanket for my friends L & T (whose wedding I officiated! 100% success-rate in marriages I've performed). This was a great project to use up a few solo skeins of yarn I had laying around. For the outer blocks I used two different sock yarns stranded with a cream-colored fingering-weight; for the center block I used the orphan balls of other sock yarns stranded with the same cream-colored fingering-weight. The pattern for the blocks came from a book belonging to my mom (I'll update that when I can get to her house to find it!), and the edging is an I-cord that is knit onto the blanket as you make it. I finished this back in July, and was able to give it to L during a long-awaited lunch date in August. Can't wait to meet the little one - I'll need to plan a visit to MD soon!
baby H's blanket!

And for me, a pair of knee socks. The yarn, Knit Picks Dancing (which I can't seem to find on the website) is a cotton/wool/nylon/elastic blend that is a little stretchy, like good socks should be. The stitch is "mistake rib," which is fairly simple and makes a very stretchy rib. I used it in a scarf several years ago, and have been thinking it would be good for socks. So far, I love it, and I should be done with the second sock in another week or two.
one sock down, one to go.


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    1. They're super easy, and fast. And I'll save on electricity using them ;)