Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Project #2: 30 Days of Photographs - Recap & Favorites

And done! 45 days later, the 30-day photo challenge is complete. A few of my favorites are posted below. Click on the "30 Days of Photographs" tab above (or click through here) for the entire challenge with narratives of each photo.
day 2.

day 4.

day 5.
day 11.
day 10.

day 12.

day 14.
day 19.
day 20.

day 24.
day 27.
day 28.


I really enjoyed this challenge, and plan to take it (or some semblance of it) on again in the future. Oh, and a bonus photo - my checklist cheat-sheet, so I'd remember what to take, and when I took it, since I wasn't around the computer or internet every day.

bonus shot!

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