Friday, August 30, 2013

Coming soon . . .

School has started - we're already two weeks in - and I'm nearly into a routine. It's only going to get better once I'm into the new house (starting this weekend!) and finally unpacked (later this month). Living out of my car and off the generosity of friends and family has been nice, but I'm anxious to have my own space again.

Eventually all my craft things will have been unearthed from the depths of storage and will have been assigned their proper homes in the craft room.


I have my OWN CRAFT ROOM (And that's aside from the guest room, and the man-cave, which is currently man-less, if anyone knows any decent, age-appropriate, single, handsome guys who'd like to live in the Mad River Valley. . . ).

On top of time making time for crafting, I'll also slowly be updating the 1979 one-story ranch (that's almost mine), and refurb'ing the second-hand furniture I've acquired. Most of which you'll get to follow along on here. As if trying to keep up on posting about my crafts isn't enough :)

the shabby-chic mint-green ranch

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Project #2: 30 Days of Photographs - Recap & Favorites

And done! 45 days later, the 30-day photo challenge is complete. A few of my favorites are posted below. Click on the "30 Days of Photographs" tab above (or click through here) for the entire challenge with narratives of each photo.
day 2.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I've been shared!

A little excitement around here - I just discovered, thanks to the "stats" feature here on blogger, that the Make-Something-Monday (Friday edition) of the DIY "Sea glass" bottles that my sister and I did back in March was included in a posting over at BRIT + CO. earlier in July.

Head on over:, scroll on down - we're #20!

Maybe next time I'll actually use mason jars for the project as I certainly have plenty of extras (a box of them currently sits in the storage unit. . . ). And someday when I have the time, I'd love to come up with a suitable way to recreate the original blue glass found on antique canning jars, like the ones my mother has.
some of mom's antique blue canning jars