Friday, April 19, 2013

This and that.

Before there was Pinterest

two-ish years of two mags
ready for recycling or repurposing
Since joining Pinterest, I've "pinned" a lot to a bunch of boards - crafting ideas, recipes, cool looking house interiors, and other random non-crafty things. I've followed through on a few of the pins (click on "found.on.pinterest" label under Contents Vary, at right, to see a few), and have plans to continue.

But the internet isn't the only place that I've found great ideas. Over my spring break I sorted through three sets of magazines - Do It Yourself, Martha Stewart Living, and Better Homes and Gardens - that spanned roughly two and a half years. Best spring break activity, ever. Of course, I couldn't remember why I'd saved most of the magazines, although a few dog-eared paged here and there proved to have ideas worthy of being ripped out. I am sure I could find the same ideas online, but I enjoy being able to flip through the magazines several times before setting aside or recycling. 

Everything I pulled is now sorted into several labeled folders. When (if) I ever get to crafting or implementing the ideas from those pages I'll have to start a new blog post label - "pulled from the pages", or something else clever like that, to track my progress. Of course, two folders are full of ideas for house interiors, and for the yard/garden, of which I currently have neither but intend to someday (soonish, I hope) have.




I've had intentions of using one of the online photo services, like or, to create a coffee table book of photos from when I lived in Maine. So I started perusing the photos I have saved on my computer from my five-ish years on the island. After going through roughly 30

many, many pictures! 
folders, and making note of nearly 200 photos I liked, I got overwhelmed and quit. Hopefully temporarily. I didn't realize it would be this difficult to select a bunch of photos I liked, and I have another 20 or so folders to go. And I have several CDs of photos that I got when I had film developed from my 35 mm camera (yes, I still use it!) that haven't been uploaded to the computer yet.

Perhaps I'll need more than one coffee table book to make this happen. Eventually it will - I want to enjoy the photos in a tangible way, instead of having them sitting on my computer, gathering "desktop" dust.

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