Saturday, April 6, 2013


Our spring break has finally arrived. Two weeks. Considering we haven't had time off since the Christmas/Holiday break, and the kids have been on snow since early November, it feels like it is time for a break.
zoe is enjoying the sunny (albeit chilly) day.
Despite the beautiful sunny day today, it is only in the mid-30s. I had lunch with a friend, and we walked the dog. But I have also spent much of the day puttering around the apartment. A little spring cleaning. Laundry. Sorting. Rearranging.

My collection of magazines is getting a little out of control. It's quite organized towards the bottom, from the last time I sorted and rearranged. But it gets progressively worse the higher up - where the more recent issues of various subscriptions or copies I pick up are haphazardly stacked. I have been saving them for one or two ideas, so perhaps it's time to sort through them and rip those ideas out. now that they have escaped the crate, it's time to sort and cull.
it's like a geologic record of
crafting, exploring, and thought:
Interweave Knits, Backpacker, ReadyMade, Orion,
Martha Stewart, Do-It-Yourself, Real Simple
Outdoor Magazine, Nat.Geo, etc.

early on was calm and organized.
more recently there is less order, though still some
semblance of organization

when things are in this state of disarray, it is time to cull
the old and unwanted and tidy things up a bit.
That would be a good activity for the week I'll be spending here:
Although I'll probably spend more time rambling on the rocks than sitting inside, but I will bring them along. And some knitting, of course. And several of these, too:
Which are much more suitable for sitting on the beach.


  1. Geologic record of crafting. Ha! This makes me miss you!

    1. I knew you would appreciate that! Miss you, too. We should do a Skype craft-date sometime!