Friday, February 1, 2013

Cupcakes for Two (or Three)

So I came across a pin on pinterest the other day that claimed it would make two cupcakes.

I very much like cupcakes. And, while it really isn't that much of a hassle to make a dozen cupcakes, it is generally safer to have an occasion for which a dozen cupcakes can be brought to. Otherwise they are too tempting to not eat in an unnecessarily short amount of time.

Normally I am skeptical of recipes on pinterest because, thanks in part to the cautionary tales on Pinstrosity, the internet is sometimes just too good to be true.

But tonight I decided to brave it, and I followed the pin to the One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes For Two.

A recipe that makes just two cupcakes. Two. Cupcakes. oh. dear.

So, I made them. Like I have anything better to do on a Friday night?

Actually, I made three cupcakes, since the batter looked like it might be a bit too much for just two. And, while they were baking I threw together some maple frosting (thanks for the inspiration, Fannie Farmer) because who wants a cupcake with no frosting?
vanilla cupcake with a dash of maple frosting.
The recipe was easy enough to follow, and the cupcakes came out quite well. There were a number of comments on the original blog recipe that indicated folks had problems, but I had none. I also probably could have turned out just two cupcakes, as the recipe indicates, but now I have two more treats to get me through the weekend!

To be able to make just a few cupcakes at a time? I'll never be faced with those unresolvable cupcake cravings again. And if I can just find my giant muffin tins, I could pull off baking just one cupcake at a time. . .

Oh, and earlier in the week I knit a coozy for my french press. Because what french press doesn't deserve a coozy during the cold Vermont winter?
toasty french press!


  1. Going to pin the recipe & try it out. Thanks for the french press cozy idea! Never thought about it.

    1. You definitely should! It's such a small recipe it's worth trying - and if you decide they didn't come out the way you wanted, you'll only be out a couple of cupcakes! The cozy was an effort to use up some samples of yarn my mom had spun and given to me a while ago, and I had just enough yarn to make it.