Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Sky Blanket Square

And done. 

For now, at least.  I've completed the last monthly square, and even finished it on time
first of the month
dec down to jan
last of the month
dec down to jan
Now comes the task of assembling the squares into a blanket.  The plan is to do seed-stitch strips between each square and around the outer edge, and then add an additional edging around that, too, similar to a binding on a typical fabric quilt.

Then again, at the rate I've been knitting and crafting, the squares could sit for several months.  Let's hope not.

happy new year to all!


  1. Meg - This looks awesome! Congratulations...it seems like you just started yesterday!! Cheers,

    1. Thanks, Samantha! I'm slowly starting to work on assembling it. . . although the little things, like teaching, and grad school, just happen to be getting in the way. SOON!