Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calendar Craft

paper source wall art calendar
I have  a growing collection of calendars from past years that I've kept for the photography or artwork. I've had intentions of "doing something" with them - frame the photos, perhaps - although I've yet to make that happen. Not for lack of ideas or time, but perhaps motivation.

Enter the Paper Source Wall Art Calendar.  The genius folk over at Paper Source sell a calendar that not only has gorgeous, colorful silk screen images, but the back side of the each month is a template for making the artwork into one of a number of projects: gift box, gift box pillow, note cards, book mark, file folder. The pages are sturdy cardstock so will hold up well to being handled. Now there's no excuse NOT to do something with the pages right away - the instructions are right on the pages! I love built-in motivation! 

I first found the calendar last year and loved the artwork so much I bought one again this year. Since the 2012 calendar has been hung, I decided that rather than relegate the 2011 one to the craft bin, I should actually make use of the projects the Paper Source folks had so nicely included. What better activity for a snowy Sunday crafternoon!
make these!
file folders, note cards, gift boxes
As much as I love all the art in the calendar, I especially liked six of the prints: eggs in a nest (March), cruiser bicycle (April), orange berries (July), strawberries (August), buttons and thread (October), and red bird (December).
some of my favorites
I have been in the market for file folders, so I opted for what is probably the easiest project and involves minimal cutting and almost instant results. Two of the months were already were set up to be made into file folders, and it was easy enough to trace the folders that I had already cut out onto the backs of the prints that also I wanted to make into file folders.
folder pattern traced
over existing template 
After about 20 minutes and some expert cutting and folding, six file folders were complete! The instructions recommend using a bone folder to help crease the folds. I don't have one (yet) but found that a mechanical pencil with no lead sticking out works well to create a crease. This was easy enough for these straight folds, but might be a little more challenging for the curved folds that some of the other templates have. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
following directions with
my expert cutting

finished file folders
Zoe made a great supervisor despite being asleep on the job for most of the time.
sleeping supervisor
My roommate even got in on the crafting action after I gave her the teal-blue peacock feather print (September)! She's quite excited about her new folder.
roommate's folder!
As for the five remaining months, I may opt for more folders or I may go along with the printed template on the back of the print. The nice thing is that these ideas are easy and simple for reusing almost any type of calendar. Most calendars are printed on sturdy paper or cardstock, so would hold up to folding and handling if made into boxes or folders or cards and envelopes. While the pages of this calendar are mostly blank space on the back - making it easy to use for note cards, you could easily cover up the calendar side of prints from a traditional calendar with blank paper or cardstock to make a blank surface to write on.

Regardless of what I chose to do with the remaining prints from this calendar or with the prints from any of the old calendars I have tucked away, this year I really do need to take better heed Paper Source's advice:

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