Saturday, May 7, 2011

Winter Clay Class

I'm finally getting around to posting photos of my clay creations from the winter clay class my friend, S, the art teacher here on the island, put together for PIE.

Everyone had such creative and unique ideas. There were critters, sugar bowls, planting markers, fish, planters, buttons, water bowls for pets; some folks had crazy talent on the wheel, others could take a potato-like lump of clay into a bowl or wall hanging in no time. All very cool creations.

Glazing was equally cool; sometimes it was a guessing game as to how the colors would come out after firing. And there were some pretty sweet exploding glazes (see below!) that left little sparkly splashes of contrasting color over a light-colored base. The glazes also varied based on whether you started with the gray clay or the brown clay.

I came away with some fun pieces though I think I need a bit more practice on the wheel.

All-in-all a fun way to spend a few nights throughout our very snowy winter, getting all crafty with clay.

outgoing mail.

buttons. for a sweater I made ages ago.

soap dish turtle!

square tea dish.
no need to leave your steeped tea bag on a spoon!

snail pinch-pot.

desk organizer. . . two tree-trunks, a stump, and a pool of water.
use your imagination.

thrown bowls, slightly lopsided.
I swear I had the crooked base. . .

bird's eye view. not so crooked.




    Sorry...I didn't mean to shout just there, but I love hand-made clay objects! The soap dish is truly excellent and looks exactly like something I'd buy. The tea dishes are cool as well, but for some reason I really dig the buttons. I mean, more than I probably should.

  2. what fun! I was able to play with clay as a youngster, but haven't found where I could just do it without being in a lesson.
    Let your inner critters out!