Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crafternoon in Driggs

I just got back from a great trip to Driggs to visit college friends, K & A, and hit the slopes at Grand Targhee. I got in two fantastic days of powder skiing (amazing!) on Sunday and Monday, we made a touristy visit to Jackson Hole (picked up some WY yarn!) on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we took a snowshoe land tour, then had a quiet afternoon of crafting & cocktails. A's family was visiting as well, so crafternoon included A's mom, K, and I.

K has a big box of crafting fun, which we perused early on in the visit. Despite all the options, I was drawn to the paints, so my crafternoon activity involved watercolor note cards. By the end of the afternoon I had twenty-two fruit and veggie-themed cards. I forgot how much fun painting is, I may need to pick some basic paints up. My favorites are the pears, the avocado, and the red peppers. I think I am set with cards for a while.

don't forget your fruits and veggies
K, and A's mom, had knitting projects going. A's mom was working on a cowl, and K started - and finished - her very first hat, complete with a pom-pom.

knitters unite!
K's awesome hat

His dad stuck around and read while A and his brother took off on a snowmobile adventure. The cats attempted to help craft, but were banished from the crafting zone due to their over-exhuberance in yarn matters. The dogs, however, did an excellent job supervising.

pilot supervising from the chair
higley close to the action
All in all it was a most successful crafternoon - a lovely way to spend a vacation afternoon.

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  1. No action shots of the skiing? I saw some teleskiers the other day at Liberty Mountain and thought of you. Glad to hear you had so much fun.