Saturday, January 29, 2011

Furniture Facelift: Two Sidetables & an Ottoman

say no to crack
About a month ago I found a a small ottoman at the swap shop. Aside from the cracked seat, it was in good shape; it even has wheels for ease of moving it around the apartment! I didn't really need it (I don't really need anything from the swap shop), but I knew it would make a great foot rest for the arm chair, and the cats clearly need another object to sit on.

When I brought it home, I promptly put it in my neighbors empty apartment until I could find time to do something to make it slightly less ugly, or at least a little more comfortable. No one wants to sit on a cracked seat. Knowing I needed to give this seat a face lift reminded me that I should finally get around to giving a couple of side tables that I've had for a while a face lift, too. I had planned on painting them, but my apartment doesn't have a lot of space for such activities. Next door they went to wait their turn to be refurbished as well.

in the midst of the face lift
Fast forward several weeks to the email I got from my neighbor on a Thursday or Friday that they'd be back by the following Monday or Tuesday. Oh. Well, there goes my temporary storage area! So, I motivated and got all three pieces done over that weekend. Primer and paint for the side tables came courtesy of my landlords, fabric for the ottoman came from my slightly-excessive stash.

much happier
Side table #1 was acquired from friends who had moved to England (but have since returned); its job is to hold plants and knitting magazines, and it does a lovely job of it. But lately, it clearly wasn't happy in its plain, slightly varnished wood state. A couple of coats of Dill Pickle and it's happy as can be.

perfect color combo
Side table #2 was a hand-me-down from my summer gardening boss. I knew I had wanted to paint this for a while, but I obviously hadn't gotten around to it. Also a plant stand (um, I have a lot of plants) as well as storage for random stuff, it was tired of blending in. This one also got a couple of coats of Dill Pickle, but with accents of Cranberry, as well. I love how the colors look together.

Re-covering the ottoman was super easy, and a good, quick project whilst waiting for paint to dry. I measured the circumference, height and diameter for a better fit of the new cover. The side piece is just one long rectangle of brown corduroy, folded so the short edges met; a seam up that side, and a hem along the bottom had that part prepped.  The top started as a couple of square layers of fabric with batting sandwiched between; I then did some quick, basic quilting on it, to keep the batting in place. To get the "right" shape of the top, I layed the quilted top on the floor and flipped the ottoman upside down on onto the fabric and traced it. After cutting out the the rough shape of the top, I pinned this to the raw edge of the corduroy side piece and sewed around it. As luck would have it, it fit like a glove. Good as new, and clearly the cats have already claimed it as their own.

gauge loves his new seat

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